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Flipper’s Roller Boogie Palace, a new American leisure business opens in London

American brands have been taking occupation in London and the regions in recent years. New York coffee brand Blank Street Coffee opened earlier this year in London. The chicken shop Popeyes opened its first UK restaurant last year. Wendy’s also opened a UK restaurant last year, marking its return to the market after it closed its last site in the UK around 22 years ago.

Earlier this month, London’s leisure sector welcomed the opening of a US roller skating rink, Flipper’s Roller Boogie Palace, originating in LA. This establishment opened in White City West London at a listed former power station (apparently Battersea Power Station is not the only one in London). Speaking of Battersea power station, it had its launch party last month and is now home to an extensive list of retail and leisure businesses. It looks like repurposing former power stations is becoming popular within the UK commercial property industry.

Flipper’s London is stated to have a roller-skating rink, venue and exhibition space, a restaurant, and a shop. Some inspiration for future repurposing of spaces.

The new home for Flipper’s London is a two-floor, grade II-listed former power station


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