Well maybe not quite, but the amalgamation of the various former uses into Class E has addressed a number of uses that were previously considered either 'grey' or were considered to be sui generis.   This appeal decision confirms that a tanning salon is Class E rather than sui generis - so, on the same basis, presumably are nail bars and beauty salons. There was once much heated debate whether a coffee shop was A1 or A3.   Its now firmly within Class E.   Premises where goods are both made and sold?  There's no need now to suggest that one part of the use is ancillary to the other, as so long as the industrial use is light industrial both are in Class E.   And what about embassies?  Admittedly the issue is probably confined to a couple of London boroughs but the argument for saying that they are sui generis has been made all the more difficult by the merger of the former A2 and B1 uses into Class E.  

Any others?