I might be cynical but reading between the lines of this interesting Planning article, major planning reform is no longer on the agenda.  If so, thank goodness.  I don't think my view has changed for 20 years or so - which is that what is needed is not major new laws but a decent input of resources for local planning authorities so they can employ or buy in the staff they need to do their job properly.   We have all experienced stressed out, overworked and under-resourced local planning authorities and anecdotally it seems to be getting worse.  A small percentage of the Brexit dividend would go a long way to doing this - so lets hope the new Secretary of State knows the strings to pull to get this done.

Of course, if a fig leaf of a planning bill is still needed I can suggest two reforms that will help: first of all lets make all reserved matters and approval under conditions automatically deemed to be discharged after the determination period has expired without a decision.  Second, let's put the onus for dealing with nitrates and phosphates that might affect protected sites clearly onto the sewerage undertakers so that all those stalled planning applications can get going again.