Over the last 15 months, people have talked about being 'Zoomed out'. With the best will in the world, I have often found myself 'webinar weary' and am certainly looking forward to attending some live events after Freedom Day (where 'live' means 'in person', rather than 'not pre-recorded').

This BPF Futures webinar had me hooked. I urge everyone (even those who have no interest in property) to watch the first 20 minutes, which made me see the climate crisis with fresh eyes, and challenged me in terms of what I eat and drink! The discussion that followed was littered with pearls of wisdom too many to summarise. One big take-home was that E, S and G are not concepts that are randomly lumped together for a tick-box exercise so that companies look good in their annual reporting. While the environmental crisis makes us focus on the E element, actually high standards of S and good G will help E.

We are increasingly finding that our landlord clients want green lease clauses in their documents. Sometimes they are waved through by tenants with little comment; other times, we meet with resistance (of varying degrees). This webinar has made me see that, even putting aside client instructions as to what areas might be compromised, such wording is vital to ensure that landlords and tenants start to cooperate and collaborate, to take steps together to address the built-environment's contribution to a global problem (that's not the pandemic!).

If you have a problem watching this on the BPF website, it is available on YouTube: