Many commentators have suggested that the current pandemic is the beginning of the end for the office workplace. We've seen how many roles can be carried out perfectly well remotely, so why would anyone go back to the way things were?

An equal number of voices (admittedly including some vested interests) have been listing the many advantages of an office environment, and I'm sure many home workers are impatiently looking forward to the day when they can finally return to the office.

It's probably safe to assume that the reality will be somewhere between the two extremes. We're still going to have offices, but just how many and what those offices will look like remains to be seen.

For anyone involved with offices, Google's decision to press ahead with it's new London campus is welcome news. This being Google, it's unlikely the offices would have been "normal" in terms of what most of us office workers are used to, but it will still be interesting to see how the designs are influenced by the times we're living in.