This has got to be one of the most interesting (albeit technically advanced) articles on blockchain in property I have read to date.

From a lawyers perspective (one who loves what blockchain can do), I unfortunately see it at best addressing the inefficiencies of Land Registry delays - ie speeding up the transfer/mortgaging of registered titles. But this can only happen if all existing titles are re-written with blockchain code. Judging by how long it has taken to move to the current system of electronic registers from land certificates, I imagine this is an unrealistically huge task to achieve. Having said that, perhaps there is scope to start implementing blockchain in the PRS/BTL and new house build sectors - eg all new units could be created with a blockchain registered title, that can then be transferred seemlessly in future.

However, there are far greater inefficiencies in property transactions that could be addressed to speed up the whole due diligence and acquisition process - eg, why does the industry still not use a uniform commercial lease for all lettings, that can then be reported on in a simple manner. I mean, who really thinks the CLLS Certificate of Title is an easy/efficient read??